Hair loss detoxifies and promotes measures

Hair conditioning pack plantonite
Hair loss detoxifies and promotes measures to improve the scalp and hair follicles (part of the hair) can release contaminants and stimulate hair growth. For example, a pack of homemade bentonite hair can activate detoxification and circulation of the scalp.

To do this, simply apply the mask shown above on the scalp, mash it well, leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it again with warm water.

Hair loss on the sole, natural shampoos in general and hair care products should be used because they are hyperthyroidism, which is often caused by hair loss, an anti-motor for the scalp with minerals. It is also possible to add metal to the bentonite package.

For example, you can mix a trickle of Sango coral powder in a evolution lean keto bentonite block to increase the mineral content. Although bentonite is a soil-rich mineral cure, bentonite has a detoxifying effect as mineralization because the mineral content is not as high with the pure mineral product as Sango coral.

Bentonite package for problem areas.
The bentonite mask can only be on the face or on the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and detoxification, and cellulite markers can be reduced with a supporting bentonite mask. Cellulitis is caused by hyperacidity and loose connective tissue. More on this: What is cellulite?

In addition to the basic diet, detoxification and degreasing, you can support the bentonite package. To do this, simply apply the facial mask shown in the problem areas, let it work as described and wash it. The essential oils for the body nourish the skin ideally after these bentonite.

Bentonite baths remove toxins from the skin.
In addition to using bentonite as a face mask, bentonite can also be added to bath water to stimulate skin detoxification. You can provide a full mud bath in the bentonite using a bentonite bath very mixed with water (ratio of 1: 3), to form a muddy liquid mass, or simply add a few tablespoons of bentonite before swelling with bath water. When making a bentonite clay bath, the thick clay should be given time to swell as described above.

The alkaline bath in combination with pre-sooty bentonite also helps the body to detoxify and purify it, and provides the same minerals in a fun way. However, for these baths to function properly, it must take 20 to 30 minutes, instead of strengthening the toxins through the skin at some time. After bathing, you can wash the bentonite residue with warm water and, as mentioned above, apply essential oil for skin care.

There is a wide range of “natural” masks

Natural masks
There is a wide range of “natural” masks made of mud or earth on the market, but even here you should be careful. It is always best to look at the ingredients before buying a mask and exposing yourself to harmful chemicals.

Bentonite for the skin.
However, there are also healthy alternatives that can be used on the one hand to maintain the skin on the other to support its function as relaxation. A great example of this is the Bentonite mineral earth.

Bentonite is a mineral clay soil produced by volcanic ash. Bentonite is a granular porous material with a large internal surface. This large surface gives bentonite the ability to pump the extraordinary. Because bentonite is pure fast keto negatively charged, bentonite has a very high contaminant absorption capacity. Bentonite can bind heavy metals and other toxins and help the body segregate them.

This property can help detoxify the body in both intestines and on the skin. Metal masks are easy to make yourself. The advantage here is that homemade bentonite masks do not contain chemical contaminants.

Face mask with bentonite.
Bentonite is quite adequate as a base to produce your own facial masks. Mix a teaspoon of bentonite powder with three tablespoons of filtered water or rose water (add colloidal silver if desired) and mix well with a wooden spoon until you get a muddy mass. This block is left covered for a few minutes to allow the bentonite to swell properly before it is applied to the skin.

You can also heat the mixture slightly if the bentonite powder melts well. Alternatively, you can also buy Bentonite before swelling in a viscous form. This can be applied directly to the skin in a thin layer like a mask. The mask should work and dry for 15-20 minutes. Then it is washed with warm water.

The clean mud works best if the skin is cleaned and cleaned with a special brush for facial massages. By cleaning and brushing can remove coarse dirt from the wicker side and the spirit, on the other hand, stimulates circulation.

As the mineral soil stimulates blood circulation and detoxification, the skin may be slightly red after washing the mask. It can provide a natural alkaline facial skin cream with a bentonite mask that removes toxins with minerals and improves softness.

It is generally recommended to use bentonite facial masks once a week. If you wish, you can apply a bentonite package not only on the face, but also on the entire body.

Instead, use one of the recommended

Instead, use one of the recommended oils to protect from external sunlight, create a healthy sunscreen from the inside (in children only through nutrition, not dietary supplements), and cover sensitive areas of the sun. Skin with prolonged exposure to the sun with the substance and come back. I want strong sun in the summer.

In this way, you can enjoy the full sun season, and at the same time have enough vitamin D to refuel (even next winter) and also strengthen your immune system.

Be sure to read the five factors that can hinder the formation of teal farms keto vitamin D and 6 tips to form a healthy vitamin D: factors that prevent the formation of vitamin D

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Bentonite for the skin.

Bentonite is a healing clay with extraordinary strength. Bentonite can release toxins from the body and help activate the self-healing powers of the body. Bentonite is, therefore, an important component of intestinal cleansing programs. However, bentonite can be used as a mask or a care package to stimulate detoxification through the skin. We will tell you the best way to use the healing properties of bentonite.

Detoxification by the skin.
The skin is the largest organ of the human body, one of the most important transport routes for toxins. Many pollutants accumulate in the body naturally through the skin. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep these toxins out of the way for free and not clogged with harmful cosmetics.

Traditional cosmetics
Traditional care products often contain harmful ingredients, more pressure on the functioning of the skin, rather than its support. Often, the list of ingredients in cosmetics is very long and people who have not really studied chemistry, understand the only plant with the most materials.

As a guide, the following list may be useful: In natural and harmless products, these ingredients should not be included in any case: sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens such as methyl, propyl, ethyl or butyl, petrochemical products such as Vaseline. Castor oil) or paraffin, chemical sunscreens such as oxybenzone and avobenzone, that is, phthalates, potassium hydroxide (potassium hydroxide) and DMDM ​​hydantoin. The following link describes some of the negative effects of these ingredients: gift in cosmetics.

The carotene content of goji

The carotene content of goji berries is higher than that of carrots, and its vitamin C content is higher than that of orange and its antioxidant effect should be more than a hundred times more serious than cauliflower.

In addition to the fact that goji berries reinforce the proven immune system to prevent aging and are even suspected to prevent ulcers, they are used in China for a long time to promote the liver and kidneys.

Goji berries are available for purchase at most health food stores and health food stores. It can simply be deceptive or mixed in cereal or covered with mixed drinks.

For garden owners, it is interesting that Goji berries can be easily washed in the center of Europe easily in the garden. You do not even need to buy a whole factory. Just take the little berry seeds that you bought and the potted plants.

In a short period of time, it grows and grows rapidly in strong plants. You pay, on good terms, no later than three years.

In addition to the root, the black mulberry leaves of Teppichknöterich are Niwali Keto Diet used in Chinese natural medicine to treat liver and kidney problems. They are dried and sprinkled with salted vegetables, salads or cheese. The black berries, considered one of the last trees in the spring, bloom in central Europe.

Other medicinal plants traditionally used in hair loss in China are

Knot knot and many flowers.
Dong Kai
It is generally considered that ginkgo promotes blood circulation and, therefore, can also provide better circulation of blood to the scalp.

Many knuckle flowers in China are a medical factory of very exceptional reputation. The legend says that a very sick 60-year-old man discovered the root of a knuckle product, many flowers regularly occupied and then rejuvenated until he enlarged them. A. He regained his strength: four children were born and died only at the age of 132 years. Dong Kay (Angelica sinensis), however, has a very special effect, which is on the female hormonal system, which is why Dong Kai is also called “female ginseng”. This plant has been used in Chinese folk medicine for more than 2000 years and is one of the most famous and popular herbs in history.

If women with hair loss suffer due to hormonal fluctuations, Dong Kai can regulate hormone levels again and successfully meet this method of hair loss.

Tip 1: MSM against hair loss.

Tip 1: MSM against hair loss.
MSM means methylsulfonylmethane or organic sulfur. Sulfur is a rare ingredient that provides sensitive skin, permanent nails and healthy hair. If there is no sulfur in the diet, it can also affect the health of the hair.

The hair is me. A. Of a protein called keratin. If the body wants to produce keratin for healthy and strong hair, it needs organic sulfur. If there is not enough sulfur, the skin will not only lose its elasticity, but the nails will become brittle and the hair will be brittle.

If there is hair loss, then the body replenishes better, if enough organic sulfur (MSM) is also supplied. Hair can only grow strongly, but it also gets more volume and a healthy glow.

MSM can be taken internally with tablets or capsules. But there is also the possibility of external use, namely, MSM gel.

The external application of MSM was the subject of a 2009 Korean study. In this case, MSM was applied with a 7.5% magnesium solution in the areas affected by hair loss.

This showed that the treatment gave the same results as a treatment Elite max keto with 5% minoxidil solution (eg regaína), at least in mice.

It is known that Minoxidil works only while the product is being used. Put it on, make the hair fall or even harder than ever.

Tip 2: Chinese medicinal plants for hair loss.
In traditional Chinese medicine,  Elitemax keto hair loss is associated with liver and kidney problems. Therefore, the concentration of some Chinese hair loss treatments strengthens these organs.

This happens with three special healing plants:

Goji berries (Lycium barbarum),
Black berries and
Knotgrass (Persicaria affinis or Polygonum affine).
Since not only is hair loss, but many other complaints are not possible, if the liver and kidneys are fine, the care of our detoxification machines will work hard several times.

Information on liver cleansing can be found here: cleansing the liver

Goji berries are sometimes known as the healthiest berries in the world. It comes from China and has many more vitamins and minerals than most other fruits and vegetables grown.

The active ingredients in natural cocoa are so

Cocoa and dark chocolate.
The active ingredients in natural cocoa are so strong that dark chocolate (with a high content of cocoa and little sugar or no sugar) is a real remedy:

Cocoa contains several concentrated flavonoids and OPCs that were reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2003 through a study in which participants received a complementary supplement to cocoa or a placebo for 28 days.

At the end of the trial, blood clots decreased markedly, indicating that cocoa is very suitable as diluted from normal blood.

How to make chocolates without sugar on your own, we have explained here: the chocolate made by yourself

OPC – oligomeric proanthocyanidins
Of course, OPC is not only included in cocoa. Also in grape seed extract endure stack and red wine extract there are related quantities of OPC.

OPC has excellent characteristics of the cardiovascular system:

As a powerful antioxidant, OPC protects the walls of blood vessels from oxidative stress and free radical attack. The blood vessels remain flexible and stable in this way. There can be no damage, so there is no deposit.

In addition, chronic venous insufficiency (associated mainly with varicose veins) is an indicator that seems to be the most scientific evidence in terms of OPC.

OPC proved to be very useful here. It relieves pain and relieves swelling, enduro stack CANADA making it a good natural remedy for the entire vascular system, thus improving blood flow.

Combine normal anticoagulants
Even a list of natural anticoagulants shows how well a healthy diet with adequate supplements can protect against excessive blood clotting, blood clotting and decreased blood flow.

It is mainly flavonoids (some phytochemicals) that make food more liquid than normal blood. Therefore, a diet that consists especially of plant foods is also a good prevention of health and the prevention of diseases when it comes to cardiovascular problems.

So if you are

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables rich in flavonoids,
If you use high quality oils with omega-3 fatty acids,
If you have an occasional snack in dark chocolate,
If seasoning seasoning with turmeric, ginger and cinnamon,
If you improve your meals with garlic and onions,
Sometimes drink a nettle and
If necessary, access some dietary supplements, such as. OPC, curcumin, red wine extract or capsaicin,
Not only your blood is in the best shape. Your bowls are also protected. Deposits can not be formed and your cardiovascular system will do a great job in aging.

Our recommendation would also be to have a turmeric cookbook.

It is known that omega-3 fatty acids have a subtle

Omega-3 fatty acids
It is known that omega-3 fatty acids have a subtle effect on the blood. If you take these diluted substances to normal blood together with medicines that weaken the blood, they increase its effect. In a case report, this was the case after consuming 2000 mg of fish oil per day, although the INR value was already very high, indicating that the oils actually worked at much lower doses than normal anticoagulants .

If you take omega-3 fatty acids as a preventive measure (or as a dietary supplement) or prepare your meals with the right oils, you will ensure a healthy flow of blood.

Interestingly, alpha-linolenic acid seems to be particularly effective here. The anticoagulant is much better than the long chain Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Therefore, you do not have to eat fish, seaweed or krill oil to moisten the blood, but you can stick to flaxseed oil and cannabis oil and use it for delicious raw dishes (they should not be heated).

Nettle and basil
It is interesting that even foods that are rich in vitamin K, like. It can also weaken the nitrate and blood of basil, as the studies have shown. However, this green leaf was not used, but the aqueous extract, so the nettle plant or basil tea.

However, vitamin K should not be considered an enemy, as some doctors do today, and specifically praises its patients for eating healthy foods simply because they are rich in vitamin K.

Because foods rich in vitamin K are among the healthiest foods of all, z.  alpha titan testo  Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, herbs and all green leafy vegetables.

At the same time, we know that eating these foods does not cause any problems when taking anticoagulants. The blood dose should only be adjusted accordingly. It is better to eat large amounts of vitamin K daily to avoid strong fluctuations.

So foods rich in vitamin K have more advantages than anticoagulants in insomnia. Of course, the foods listed not only provide vitamin K, but also a large amount of calcium, magnesium, chlorophyll and a phytochemical value that is very valuable.

But since one does not eat substances

But since one does not eat substances isolated from ginger, but generally a piece of whole ginger, of course it increases with ginger is not large amounts of substances, since ginger prevents blood clotting, so that the anticoagulant effect is not as strong as the failure.

But regular consumption of healthy ginger blood in any case can help, especially because it also has strong antioxidant capabilities that make it blood vessels and a good heart protector.

Example of preparation of natural Zinopin, consists of a combination of ginger extract and pecnogenol (extract of pine bark). Although superficial Zinopin has been advertised as antinauseants (dizziness, nausea, pregnancy, nausea after surgery, etc.). But it was also developed to prevent it from often occurring when traveling deep vein thrombosis.

The development of Dr. John Scurr, a leading vascular surgeon, who wrote in at least one in 10 travelers helped improve vein disorders. “Extracts of pine bark and ginger,” said Scurr, “reduces the permeability of small blood vessels, promotes blood flow and reduces blood clotting.”

In a study published in the Clinical Coagulation Applied / Hemostasis Journal, Dr. Scurrs showed insights and that becinogenol activates blood circulation, prevents edema and can reduce the risk of blood clots.

Cinnamon also works anticoagulants, but also generally in the form of such alpha flex xt extracts. As essential oil of cinnamon or zimtdestillat. The aqueous extract of cinnamon (cinnamon tea) had no anticoagulant effect. This also indicates that the zimtspezifischen ingredients should be taken in high doses, to achieve a medical effect.

Cayenne pepper
An Australian study published in 2014 showed that scandals, the hot spicy ingredient of chili pepper (also called cayenne), can act as a natural blood clot and a delay in the development of coagulation.

The authors of Star Grove, Treasure and McKay of Action “Herb, Nutritional, and Drug Interactions: Clinical Effects and Treatment Strategies” announce that chili contains the properties of blood liquefaction, but also only in high doses or in the form of isolated cleaners as a dietary supplement.

Your garlic u. A. According to the article by the Kritchevsky Institute of Anatomy and Wistar Biology in Philadelphia (published in 2003 in Trends in Food Science and Technology) it has many useful properties in relation to vascular and blood health:

Garlic reduces cholesterol and prevents blood pressure and the coagulation or dissolution of blood clots, so the small tubercle affected all the factors that could lead to cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, there is no standardized data on the appropriate dose.

In addition, there are some recent studies that specifically refer to garlic as a natural blood clot. They are, as part of a healthy diet, recommended for the prevention of atherosclerosis (for example, in the review of Israeli scientists of 2007 in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research).

Hair coloring increases the risk of breast cancer

Hair coloring increases the risk of breast cancer
Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in the world and the most common among women. For example, in 2012, 1.7 million women were affected.

Different factors can increase the risk of breast cancer. Some can not be affected (genetics, age in the first period, child nutrition, country of origin, growth, etc.), but some. Because almost all women can freely decide how much they move, if they want to drink alcohol, how to feed themselves, if they want to eat vitamins or smoke and if they want to prevent hormones or not.

So far, the results of damage to hair products containing cancer-causing chemicals and the risk of cancer, as described above, are somewhat contradictory. To make it clearer, the research team analyzed data on 4,285 women (20 to 75 years old) who participated in the Women’s Health Study.

2,280 women had breast cancer and 2,025 were healthy. Researchers are now analyzing to what extent women use certain hair products, such as hair dyes or homogenization factors.

The greater the use of hair dyes and softening agents, the higher the risk of breast cancer. When dark-haired pigments are used, the risk of hormone-dependent breast cancer and the use of homogenization factors increase the risk of hormone-independent breast cancer.

So dyeing hair is not healthy and harmless for everyone. What can you do? Are there healthy and harmless hair colors?
The most healthy hair color is the natural color of the hair.
Be sure to include terms such as “plant extracts”, “organic” or “natural” in Max Boost Omega  some packages of hair dye. However, this does not mean that these products are free of chemicals. It can only be that the product consists of 1 percent of plant extracts derived from organic agriculture.

The rest of the recipe also consists of typical aromatic amines, resorcinol, preservatives, perfumes, etc.

So the color of healthy hair is the color of your natural hair. Hair dyes based on pure henna also permanently dye hair and are considered harmless if no chemicals are included. The application consumes more time, since the color spots should work for approximately two hours, and the result of color does not adapt to all, because in some cases the gray hair is not completely covered.

If you already have a chemically stained dye, you should also ask if you can change the colors of the folic to re-dye them, since both are not always compatible and can lead to amazing results for colors.

Hair dyes from the health food store, which are not explicitly advertised in pure plant colors, usually also contain natural dyeing materials. However, one or the other suspect may be missing, so it is not entirely detrimental. Although Öko-Test in 2013 studies all hair colors, including healthy food brands, absent from the “poor”, experience reports repeatedly show that traditional hair dyes are one or the other in z incompatibility. B. It leads to hair loss, which is less or nothing with the colors of the health food store.

Therefore, the conclusion of the American

Vegetarian diet: better than medicine.
Therefore, the conclusion of the American Academy of Nutrition is the following: vegetarian feeding systems can protect both health and the environment. So you read in the academic article as the last sentence:

If you can get an herbal diet or a combination of the pill, this treatment will become excellent during the night, since a vegetarian diet provides a lot of energy for the human body and little energy of our planet. ”
Does any other medicine that improves metabolism well, always lowers blood pressure, stabilizes blood sugar permanently and reduces cardiovascular risk and diabetes to be convincing (and free of side effects) such as a vegetarian and vegetarian diet? ”
If you are interested in a comprehensive supply of nutrients and nutrients in an herbal diet, you will find the necessary information here: 14 rules for a healthy vegetarian diet

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Nicotine: the creator of the disease.

Nicotine is the substance in tobacco and the liquids that make you addicted. In addition, it is known that nicotine can exacerbate existing cancer and contribute to the recurrence of back cancer has already been paid. In a study conducted in the summer of 2016, Swedish researchers discovered that nicotine also promotes the development of chronic inflammation. However, such chronic infections are a harbinger of many diseases, and cancer is always associated with chronic inflammation processes.

Nicotine protects cancer and promotes its spread.
Tobacco is one of the main causes of cancer on a large scale. Polycyclic hydrocarbons and tobacco nitrosamines (TSNA) are potent carcinogens.

If nicotine, the addictive factor, is also involved in the development of cancer, it has not been clear for a long time. Then, also assume that electronic cigarettes are more harmful than tobacco. They contain nicotine, but not conventional carcinogens.

At the same time, there is increasing evidence that nicotine in the body can cause cancer. The cloth seems to be making a lot of preparations to make the cancer feel good.

For example, nicotine can aggravate existing cancer, can accelerate the formation of tumors and increase the likelihood that the defeated cancer will return. In the same way, it has been shown that cancer treatments do not work well in the presence of nicotine. Nicotine tries to protect cancer clearly.

Mainly in the past, they focused on the addictive potential of nicotine and blindness to the cytotoxic and carcinogenic effects of the substance.