How much fat does coconut oil contain?

How much fat does coconut oil contain?
Of course, fat provides more calories than carbohydrates and proteins. However, coconut contains mainly medium chain fatty acids, whose energy content is that of calories per gram less than other fats.

Recent research has shown that the amount of calories added is just one element of weight training. Also, it depends on whether added calories are used primarily for stock storage or are consumed immediately, with the use of calories provided by coconut products more than the average directly.

Do not gain weight through coconut oil.
A portion of calories is also not used, but it is used to warm up slightly. Androdna Of course, coconut oil is not a slimming product and can contribute to excessive consumption for weight gain. At a low dose, the body helps you lose or maintain weight.

The fat in coconut oil is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Without fat, the body can not absorb any of the fat-soluble vitamins A, K, D and E, and the corresponding vitamin A does not produce the vitamin A protein, which is often supplemented with food. Fat is also necessary to produce many hormones and body messengers.

Coconut products are rich in fiber
The coconut and its products are rich in fiber. Many people do not consume fiber with their normal diet as needed, which often causes a blockage, which in turn can lead to weight gain.

Fiber is necessary for digestion.
It is recommended according to DEG (German Diet Association) 30 grams of fiber intake per day, most people only two thirds. Fiber is a non-digestible component of our food plants, which are necessary for proper intestinal function. Without fiber, the intestine becomes slow and intestinal plants do not feed properly.

When you eat, it is the dietary fiber that causes satiety in the first place and, therefore, maintains an excessive consumption of food.

Benefits of coconut flour.
In coconut flour it contains 38% dietary fiber. This is the height of each flour. With each toast, wheat flour can be replaced with at least 25% coconut flour, which significantly increases the fiber content of the food. AndroDNA Testo Boost Canada A tablespoon of coconut flour and a small amount of fresh coconut oil provide the body with five grams of fiber. Coconut flour also contains a higher protein content than wheat flour. This also contributes to fiber to increase saturation.

Use the original coconut oil in the kitchen.
No other vegetable fat is stable by heat in the same way as coconut fat. You can easily use coconut oil for frying, baking, cooking and frying. In the same way, roasted foods can be spread with it.

Not only because of the high content of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil does not change even at high temperatures nor generates free radicals. High quality coconut oil can also be used in cold cooking, which gives the salad the power of an attractive coconut flavor. The temperature that dissolves coconut oil is about 25 ° C. You can choose to use it in solid or creamy form. Since the melting of coconut oil in the mouth produces a particularly pleasant and pleasant effect, almost all manufacturers want to use it for sweets as ice cream confections.

Coconut oil is easily digestible
Like all coconut fat, the body easily digests and absorbs coconut oil very quickly. This also prevents the generation of harmful substances.

Sports: Does stretching really relieve pain

Sports: Does stretching really relieve pain?
It often stretches a lot after a sports session. But the scientific data questioned his interest in reducing muscle pain after exercise.

Many followers of the jogging sport open their session with a warm-up of fifteen minutes, ending with a bit of stretching and helping in the bank or barrier. Sports teachers have told us that we repeat these movements: these movements can reduce the severity of the following muscular pain. However, the effectiveness of the expansion has not been proven at all.

Between the feeling of stiffness and the difficulty of movement, the pains can be very painful and constricted. So naturally you want to reduce them. However, the idea that extensions can help mitigate them is actually a widespread Rapid Tone misconception. As noted in the Cochrane Review, all scientific studies conducted on the subject have achieved the same result: stretching, whether performed before, during or after exercise, is not associated with the express limit pain.

This myth is derived from a theory that goes back to the 1960s that stretching would restore blood circulation in the muscles. Since then, the premise has been assumed. Even the opposite happens: “The pressure of the blood vessels spreads and obstructs the blood flow,” says Dr. Sophie Gleizes-Servera, a specialist in natural medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine.

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Where does the pain of the body come from?
The mechanism of pain is now a little clearer. During intense physical exertion, small lesions may appear in the muscles. To solve them, an inflammatory reaction is triggered. “The pain is very positive because it allows the muscles to regenerate, form new cells and, therefore, develop muscle,” says Dr. Glizis-Cervera, who says that the climax of pain occurs more often after two days .
The main problem is that stretching can cause muscle damage. If they occur while the injuries are already there, remember the sport of the previous session, it can worsen and prolong the pain. “Be careful, therefore, stretch too long and too intense,” warns the doctor.

Despite this, stretching is inherent in our sports routine. “At that time, they were relieving the rough feeling and causing a sense of well-being by helping to relax the muscles,” says Dr. Gleizes-Servera. But before the end Rapid Tone Australia of the course is extended, this positive effect disappears. “If people are really struggling to do without it, it is even advisable to do an active stretch during which the muscles contract,” he continues. Unlike static stretching, active limits extend the time spent in the expansion position. This is like the height of the knee, the general heel of the buttocks, etc.

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There is no quick solution
It remains to find another way to relieve pain. But for now, there is no quick solution. “The level of hardness depends on your warm-up phone, the intensity of your training and your progress.” The higher your level of sports, the less you will have pain, “says the sports doctor, adequate hydration can be involved to reduce, although this has not been proven.

If it is advisable to spend the “stretch” of the exercise, warm-up is inevitable. “The joints, muscles and cardiovascular system are integrated in the effort to raise body temperature and increase heart rate,” says Dr. Gleizes-Servera. “If we are not prepared, there is a risk of a decrease in performance and injuries.”

Properly handle omega 3 fatty acids

Properly handle omega 3 fatty acids.
Now it is known that the health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids. Of course, you benefit them only if you roll them correctly. If the diet contains a small amount of omega-3 or if you are taking a low dose of omega-3, the effect will not work. Of course, omega-3 fatty acids can not do anything for them. Then, it means that you must first obtain the correct dose and then use omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega 3 fatty acids – the correct dose
Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown in many studies. They behave completely

Thinning of the blood,
Avoid coagulation of blood,
Protect the heart
Protection against dementia,
Reduce the pain of arthritis,
Prevent cancer cells
Greater concentration,
– Also in children – Ensure maximum mental performance.
And much more
The following are the main effects of Omega 3 fatty acids: 7 Benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids

But not all indicators require the same dose. Alternatively, you can dose according to the objective, depending on what is required with the omega-3 fatty acids.

Be aware of the EPA / DHA content in the preparation of omega-3 fatty acids!
Since not all Omega-3 products are concentrated evenly, you should read the package insert or package label and verify the exact content of EPA and DHA.

EPA and DHA are long chain omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. In contrast to alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is found in vegetable sources of omega-3 (flaxseed oil, cannabis oil, chia), Retro Vigor EPA and DHA are the most effective omega-3 fatty acids and, for Therefore, more effective. These are preferred in sources of omega-3 animals (fish oil and krill oil) or, for vegetarians, in special preparations of algae.

In addition, the human being can also produce some EPA and DHA, namely ALA. The success of this self-adjustment depends on several factors, which we have explained here: the needs of omega-3

What is the appropriate dose for the individual? It depends, to a great extent, on the consumption of omega-6 fatty acids (sunflower oil, oil of thistle and animal fats). Because more Omega 6 is consumed, more Omega 3 fatty acids are needed to maintain a healthy balance between two fatty acids of approximately 5: 1 (Omega 6 to Omega 3).

Omega 3 fatty acids: the right dose for healthy people
The recommended levels of omega-3 fatty acids for healthy people (either through diet or with dietary supplements) are:

300 mg to 600 mg of EPA / DHA daily and
From 1,100 to 1,600 mg of ALA per day (with 1 tablespoon of cannabis oil that you already have in 2,000 mg of ALA)
For therapeutic purposes, however, the doses are often referred to much higher. These up to 5000 mg of EPA / DHA daily.

However, it must be taken into account that omega-3 fatty acids, due to their blood thinning effects, can not be used in such high doses (more than 2,000 mg per day) in those medicines that weaken the blood or other prone causes to an increase in bleeding. The blood can become very weak.

Therefore, always discuss the correct dose of omega-3 fatty acids with your doctor.

When it comes to the few kilograms on

When it comes to the few kilograms on the scale, we have tried many more, one madness than the other. But a recent study showed that you should not take such strict measures to lose weight. For example, if you have to postpone breakfast and use it for dinner before, it will be enough to get rid of that extra weight.
Two groups of people were studied to study. In addition, a group was forced to eat breakfast after 90 minutes and 90 minutes earlier than usual. The other group was allowed to maintain their normal diet. Interesting fact: both groups were allowed to take what they wanted.

That resulted? The first group lost twice SafewithSmartfood much body fat as those who maintained their regular diet, were less hungry and had fewer snacks in between. “This research shows that our eating pattern is typical: a small, quick breakfast, a lavish and late meal combined with our hectic life and jumping hours repeatedly, leading to weight gain,” says nutritionist Samantha Cassity. .

Cassete is encouraged to fast a little once in a while and experience the times he eats, especially at night. “You should give your body the opportunity to digest your food before going to bed, so eat the last meal or snack and preferably a few hours before bedtime, not only to keep your weight under control, but also to reduce the risk of sleep problems “.

According to her, the motto “breakfast as emperor, lunch as king and eat as a beggar” also applies. “I often see in my work that very light breakfasts and lunches lead to hunger and the irresistible appetite for unhealthy foods later in the day, with all the consequences, if on the other hand, start your day with a full meal of proteins, healthy fats and fiber, the level of sugar in the blood decreases during the day, so suddenly, you do not want a tray full of waffles at 3 pm

Why vegetarians can eat steaks easily (if they want)?

Why vegetarians can eat steaks easily (if they want)?
Some species produce more L-carnitine in their tissues than others. Special L carnitine production of cattle and sheep. Therefore, it is generally advisable to reduce the consumption of red meat. The greater the L-carnitine in the diet, the more toxic it is produced.

However, other sources that contain high levels of L-carnitine, such as L-carnitine supplements and energy drinks containing L-carnitine, should be avoided.

However, forget that TMAO can also be formed in the gut of the hill. The hill is an example of lecithin.

So you should avoid hill sources. These include eggs, poultry, fish, dairy products and all dietary supplements that contain lecithin. Therefore, the problem can not be hidden in the flesh alone.

What about vegetarians? Is choline made from legumes, grains, and vegetable oils, and are low levels of L-carnitine from plant foods that also become toxic TMAO? No A vegetarian plant can eat a 250 g steak without forming a TMAO.

They have convinced a long plant to do it for tests. It took a long time to agree, as a flag, to eat meat. There was no trace of TMAO in their intestines.

Any person who has lived a vegetarian for a long time has a very rapid trim 247 different intestinal flora than people who regularly consume products of animal origin. It is a long-lived plant that is healthy and rich in fiber and no longer has those intestinal bacteria that produce toxic TMAO of L-carnitine and choline.

But how does a plant get enough L carnitine to meet its needs?

Supply of L-Carnitine in Vegetarian.
As described above, L-carnitine is involved in the production of energy in the body and needs certain enzymes directly in the cell. These are three enzymes called acetyltransmitase carnitine. Carnitine is needed to transfer the long chain fatty acids in the mitochondria together, so that the fat can generate energy.

Now it can be assumed that in vegetarians, who absorb very little with L-carnitine, the system of carnitine-based enzymes is very slow. But this is not the case. Otherwise, most vegetarians will be full and overweight. As you know, the opposite is true. Vegans are in most cases a weak part of the population.

In a 2008 study, the researchers also observed that carnitine planters are 60 percent more effective than natural planters. Here the corresponding genes are organized, particularly active: a sign that the body adapts to the conditions and is well aligned with small amounts of L-carnitine in the diet or increases its production accordingly.

In addition, L-carnitine is better absorbed in plant species. Therefore, the carnivorous vaccine L-carnitine is widely absorbed and used.

L carnitine in pregnancy
But often they are not only read to vegetarians who are at risk of carnitine deficiency, but pregnant women, whether vegetarian or not. During pregnancy, the carnitine level decreases due to higher energy requirements.

In addition, the level of iron in pregnant women (and also in the case of pregnant women) is often lower for meat, which hinders the production of carnitine in the home because iron is necessary to produce carnitine.

Now, however, it is known that lower iron levels also have the advantage and can be very low during pregnancy, since pregnant women and, therefore, their children better protect against infections.

It is believed that low levels of L-carnitine during pregnancy are significant and may be useful. Especially when considering that L-carnitine is supplemented with the lowest number of pregnant women, most children are born healthy.

Of course, iron levels should be improved if a pregnant woman has a very low level of iron in storage (ferritin) and she feels tired and tired. However, regular iron supplements, which occur later (which usually cause discomfort), can be described if the pregnant woman does not show any symptoms, it is redundant, if not questionable.

A fear tactic similar to that of pregnancy

L carnitine in children.
A fear tactic similar to that of pregnancy in L-carnitine in children is also practiced. Its own composition has fully developed after about 15 years, it is said. But this can also mean that children need a smaller amount of supposed carnitine.

As of 2004, a study is available at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia), which in any case concluded that a vegetarian diet does not affect the body’s Carnitinel level.

However, children always rely on the intake of carnitine from outside. Therefore, breast milk is extremely rich in carnitine, but only in the first weeks. In fact, after about a month, the content of L-carnitine in breast milk decreases considerably, regardless of whether the mother lives vegetatively or not.

Nobody knows if these wastes, similar to the level of iron, can have benefits for the baby and are prepared on purpose. Because it is well known that breast milk provides at any time of breastfeeding all nutrients with the amounts that the baby exactly needs.

In fact, one study found that children fed baby foods without privy farms keto carnitine developed naturally and had no symptoms of carnitine deficiency.

However, it is not recommended to take baby foods free of carnitine. Breast milk should always be a model for the formation of alternative foods, even if it is not a disease. If breast milk contains L-carnitine, infants should be fed and receive L-carnitine.

In children, L-carnitine deficiency should appear in growth disorders. However, in children who have healthy vegetarian nutrition, growth disorders have not been reported to be attributable to a lack of carnitine.

Focus here on “good nutrition”. Because if a healthy baby is not fed, either vegetarian or normal, it may lack those substances that he needs to install auto-carnitine L, which would then result from a good course of L-carnitine deficiency. Here, the deficiency of L-carnitine is not due to a particular diet, but simply to a general malnutrition.

State reports provide a bad reputation for the vegetarian diet
Unfortunately, reports of individual cases of children suffering from plant malnutrition, such as those in 1992, are circulating repeatedly when a 7.5-month-old child with developmental disorders, hyperthyroidism, hypotension, and reduced bone density is Large, at the University of Ensemble. The laboratory values ​​showed a very high TSH value, low levels of thyroid hormone (free of T4), without hypothyroidism, lack of calcium, lack of general caloric intake and lack of L-carnitine.

The baby was breastfed until 2.5 months of age. After that, for 5 months, he received diluted almond milk. The mother is a strict vegetarian and in the summary of the case report she was informed that the father is a vegetarian vegetarian.

This child’s diet is called severe malnutrition and has nothing to do with a healthy vegetarian diet. Children can consume almond milk in small amounts, in addition to a healthy diet (therefore, approximately the eighth month), but anything else that is not an adequate substitute for breast milk.

Babies are never vegetarians because they depend on breast milk, known to be non-vegetarian, but derived from a living organism.

So understandable, if the child’s description suffers from growth disorders. However, this was not due to the lack of accompaniment of carnitine, but to the fact that the child in general received little to eat. They are deprived of crafts and lack all the nutrients and vital substances. The lack of iodine was particularly evident, which alone could lead to the symptoms described.

Such exceptions, which the media gratefully accepts, may be one of the reasons why today we think that vegetarian children are automatically malnourished. But this is not the case.

It is important in a healthy diet that all nutrients and nutrients are included. Then the body can produce enough L-carnitine by itself:

L-Arginin für Muskelaufbau und Potenz

L-Arginin für Muskelaufbau und Potenz
Known for a long time in sports circles: the amino acids L-arginine bring a remarkable increase in performance in a very short time, not only in the gym, but also in bed. Because L-arginine promotes muscle growth, at the same time burning fat also ensures better blood circulation. It decreases the amount of oxygen required and increases the level of performance. If there is high blood pressure, it can be reduced. By the way, L-arginine is not in the flesh but in pumpkin seeds.

With L-arginine increases efficiency.
L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid. This means that our body can also produce L-arginine itself. But it does not always work in sufficient quantity.

In times of extreme stress, physical or mental stress, illness or intense training periods, arginine can suddenly become a rare product and, as a result, our performance declines rapidly, regardless of where you want to go. If L-arginine is intentionally supplied from the outside, a dramatic increase in performance can be observed.

L-arginine to build muscle, immune system and fat burning
In a study conducted by the University of Exeter (EU), scientists discovered that L-arginine can increase sports performance by 20 percent and improve career times by up to 2 percent.

The reason for this surprising effect is that L-arginine promotes the secretion of growth hormones, which leads to muscle growth, but also activates the immune system and even increases fat burning.

L-arginine instead of Viagra
Since nitric oxide (NO) is produced in the surrounding human body of L-arginine, which in turn ensures better blood circulation, regular intake of L-arginine leads to an increase in erection.

If you are also considering the Powerknolle Maca and Cordyceps mushrooms, which have a very positive effect on libido and strength, there should be no error at this stage.

The medical fungus improves the blood circulation of Cordyceps in the penis, regulates the family of sex hormones and also improves, with makas, the quality of the seed.

L-arginine increases levels of nitric oxide
Nitric oxide is an important substance produced by the body from L-arginine. It regulates blood flow, fights harmful microorganisms and also plays an important role in cell communication.

In addition, nitric oxide helps distribute nutrients in muscle tissue, one of the reasons why the level of NO in athletes increases to higher performance. At the same time, L-arginine is also a source of important collagen, connective tissue, enzymes and hormones.

L arginine in the search.
L-arginine was tested in a group of healthy men. Not only did he find a better level of performance, he also discovered that L-arginine seemed to help lower blood pressure and reduce the amount of oxygen required during exercise.

Research has shown that the use of L-arginine in the form of a dietary supplement has led to a significant increase in performance by changing oxygen consumption during exercise.
Said Professor Andrew Jones of the School of Sports and Health Sciences of the University of Exeter.

This is especially important for endurance athletes, because we believe that with the help of L-arginine, the times of the best athletes can also be improved by one to two percent. Although these smooth curves forskolin figures seem slim, only between one and two percent of the sports elite represents an extraordinary increase in performance, where there is often only a small fraction of a second between winners and losers.
L-arginine in foods
Arginine occurs naturally in protein-rich foods such as legumes, nuts, oil seeds and meat. The pioneers of arginine are pumpkin seeds, which contain almost four times the arginine of meat.

Since oily seeds, nuts and legumes in the traditional diet are not consumed or are rarely consumed, they provide natural supplies of L-arginine and are simple at the same time through a protein-rich supplement.

L-arginine in natural plant proteins
L-arginine, for example, can be absorbed through pure vegetable protein powder, such as. Pea proteins, thermos proteins, cannabis proteins or rice proteins.

Only one dose of cannabis protein (20 grams) provides 0.6 grams of arginine, one dose of thermos (20 grams) provides 0.75 grams of arginine, one dose of pea protein (20 grams) more than 1.3 grams and a dose of rice The protein (20 g) is even close to 1.5 g of L-arginine.

To increase the yield

Before getting the trampoline, you should pay attention to the following:

Before starting training
Before getting the trampoline, you should pay attention to the following:

15 minutes before drinking a large glass of water (300 ml).
Do not jump from the trampoline! Because it swings, you accelerate from the trampoline and you increase to four times your weight on the ground. If you hit the trampoline, it does not matter because it is flexible. However, if you land on the hard ground, you will dismantle your joints with complications from your weight, and you just want to avoid such a heavy load.
Pay attention to the height. So do not place the trampoline under the ceiling light or in a very low room.
Trampoline training without shoes and without socks. It is easy to slip with the socks, and with the shoes you will not be able to enjoy the thought massage, which will give you the trampoline exercise automatically. In addition, it is easier to store with shoes.
Remove chewing gum and candy from your mouth before training. Otherwise, the part can end up in the trachea, which will not be very pleasant …
Also, consider warming up during trampoline training and start with a slight roll without lifting the feet off the mat.
At the beginning, exercise for 10 minutes a day. Even if the exercise seems easy at the beginning, at any time the muscles without training are enlarged. Later, you can also exercise 15 or 20 minutes twice a day. In between, of course, you can turn as much as you want for a few minutes to continue the movement.
If you have trouble keeping your balance, have not practiced for a long time or have not been trained, there are also mini trampolines where you can stay up until you are ready to do it, even without exercising with your hand. Like where you can rest sometimes.
In any case, observe the manufacturer’s safety instructions for elite xl the instructions for use.
If you have a musculoskeletal problem or are already receiving medical treatment, talk to your doctor or physiotherapist about trampoline training. You will definitely receive expert guidance.
On the Internet there are countless videos with trampoline exercises, both for beginners and advanced, for people who want to lose weight, for people with back pain, for people who only have a hip operation, etc., etc. Simply by clicking on!
You will also receive a DVD with the first exercises of the manufacturers of high quality trampolines. Or ask about the appropriate trampoline lessons in the gym.
The biggest risk for the trampoline …
… it’s your patience! The trampoline is so nice that you can easily jump a little or try daring exercises. Therefore, always stay focused and warned!

Of course, nothing is free of music on the trampoline. So the headphones in your ear, start your favorite music and you’re done. You will not want to leave the trampoline! Enjoy


Book a trampoline board
Recommended is the book “Trampoline training for 5 minutes” directed by Manuel Ekart. It not only gives you a lot of information about trampoline training, but also a specific guide for four weeks to practice the daily trampoline exercises. You can see this in the book or watch training videos online online or as an application and join directly.

To show:
Teach yourself as an expert in holistic nutrition.
Is your passion a healthy diet? Do you like the surplus base, the natural diet? Do you want to understand the links between our food and our health from a holistic perspective? Do you want nothing more than to make all your knowledge about your health and nutrition profession?

The Academy of Natural Medicine trains people like you in 12 to 18 months as a comprehensive health advisor. If you want more information about distance learning at the Academy of Natural Medicine, here you will find all the details and comments of current and previous participants.

Ballengang Monastery – Gehen Si richtig?

How are you? In the heel? Or are you already at the dance? A blow to the heel is the learned way of walking. Show us by your parents, and even considered by many trainers and physiotherapists as the best way to walk. A blow to the heel is a real risk factor, if not a specific cause of complaints of all kinds. The bile duct, on the other hand, is our innate walk. It will protect us from many complaints. Get to know the sump of the respiratory tract and leave healthy today, because nature is dedicated to you!

BULLET CHANNEL – Walk like a dancer

BULLET CHANNEL – Walk like a dancer
Dr. MEED Since the mid-1970s, Hans Peter Gharib has been dealing with various cracks, the heel and the ball, and their impact on health. I’ve noticed that the usual gait, a blow to the heel, is not only abnormal, but literally sick.

So Dr. Gharib explains in his lectures and books that the propaganda that has spread widely and even practiced everywhere is not adequate, is unhealthy and can favor all kinds of complaints, from common diseases to learning problems and allergies and respiratory allergies.

“Decent exercise” means that one works so that the heel touches the ground and then only the bales, just as it does in the army. Thus we walk in life as soldiers who do nothing but obey orders.

Yellow, on the other hand, is actually our innate walk. The march that we practice in the first years of our lives, but we lost it again. He is a dancer who walks on the parquet floor at the front of his foot.

Although we usually rush into daily life on the trail, there are some situations in which everyone uses the ball pass. When you dance Also when climbing stairs. When going back or sideways. When you sneaked. Walking barefoot. If the boxer moves on his heel, he will fall out of the ring before the first hit.

Bale ring makes you happy
So we do not usually walk from A to Z, but dance in life. What idea! Because dancing means arrogance, lightness and joy. In fact: The bullet ring makes you happy! Dr. Greb reports in one of his lectures about an American study of people with severe depression. He was allowed to walk five times a day to the fifth floor. After a while, the depression went away.

Of course, one believes in the impact of the movement, which certainly  PaltroxT  participated in cheers. But maybe this kind of movement, a kind of march. Because you’re going up the stairs, as you know now, on the ball. You can not go dancing every day, without letting the mind disturb the lightness and joy of the ball.

Blow the heel rejection signals. If you extend your hand to someone who greets you in the same way that people come close to your heels, you will raise your hand as if you wanted to “stop, do not continue!” Tell. It is no wonder that many people approach and do not refuse to feel themselves or their lives. Bala can change a lot, leading to greater awareness and more empathy and openness. We would make these people that we can be only after our birth. There we also wanted to invade the world of yellow, full of confidence and curiosity, until we ordered it as puppies as puppets.

cholesterol is also more indicative

In contrast, HDL cholesterol, which many authors call “good cholesterol,” protects the body’s cells, as well as the muscles and heart. Even LDL cholesterol is also more indicative of the risk of cardiovascular disease than the direct cause of these disorders.

Diet not only affects cholesterol levels, but also increases smoking, stress and physical inactivity.

Original coconut oil causes an increase in HDL cholesterol
Statistical analysis of the data from many heart attack patients showed that about half of them had normal cholesterol instead of high cholesterol. In fact, in addition to LDL cholesterol levels, other risk factors such as hypertension and inflammatory value are needed to assess the risk of a heart attack.

Similarly, having an adequate level of HDL cholesterol provides some protection. Coconut oil now causes an increase in this desired cholesterol.

Advertising campaigns driven to false information
Without bias two
In addition to most animal fats, coconut oil fat contains many keto burn 1250 saturated fatty acids and some unsaturated fatty acid. Therefore, it is not suitable for a healthy human diet.

These advertising campaigns were driven at least by margarine manufacturers, who wanted to promote their products over butter.

It is true that margarine contains mostly unsaturated fatty acids, and it is also true that the consumption of unsaturated fatty acids can lead to a slight reduction in cholesterol levels if the body has a limited capacity to self-regulate.

However, the equation in which any form of saturated fat increases the risk of affecting the heart and other organs is incorrect.

Natural coconut oil in particular ignores this equation that is only done with coconut oil to increase the desired HDL cholesterol. This effect is due to a high proportion of lauric acid, which is 50% contained in coconut oil.

If the change in diet is appropriate to reduce the cholesterol level mentioned, any infected consumer should consult their doctor. Surely you can achieve a slight decrease in the level by changing the diet.

Without bias 3
Unsaturated fatty acids always have beneficial effects on your health in each dose.

Of course, unsaturated fatty acids are indispensable for the body and must be supplied with food. On the other hand, it also means that unsaturated fatty acids mean that the dose you are taking is crucial to make it beneficial or harmful to your body.

Even the recommended amount of healthy linoleic acid, which is found mainly in sunflower and corn oil, can intensify or cause inflammation in the body if consumed too much.

Free radicals are also formed in the body when excessive amounts of unsaturated fatty acids are consumed. In addition, some of these substances run the risk of becoming unsaturated fatty acids and, in fact, are very harmful to health. Of the fatty acids, which are contained in coconut oil, fatty acids can not be guaranteed.

In fact, the formation of unsaturated fatty acids in the production of margarine, because the oils used for this purpose are usually partially processed. Recent studies show that these unsaturated fatty acids in the body stimulate the production of unwanted cholesterol, which contributes to the increase of cholesterol levels. In addition, they lead to a very high degree of free radical formation.

Unsaturated fatty acids are harmful to the growth of children.
Unsaturated fatty acids can negatively affect the growth of children. In the past, in addition to vegetable ghee, many end products contain a fairly high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, especially because scientists were not aware of the problem of these acids.

A change in the manufacturing process can significantly reduce the level of unsaturated fatty acids, in some countries the limits have already been determined. But for Germany, there is still no corresponding legislative initiative.

However, the supposed health risk of saturated fatty acids proved to be an unjustifiable bias. Breast milk contains approximately 50% saturated fat, which is undeniably natural and harmless.

I also read: Unsaturated fats affect memory.

Production of virgin coconu.